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Cost of waste disposal


Environmental tax's cost (waste disposal)

It's valid only for the tyres delivered in Italy

For each tyre sold of the brands Pirelli, Metzeler, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, for the D.M. 11/04/2011 number 82 it will be debited an environmental tax of 1.22 euros with included iva, according to the ECOPNEUS consortium's table

For the tyres directly imported by our company ( Dunlop Racing, Avon, Heidenau, Mitas, Maxxis, Irc, etc. ) from the 6th february 2012 (the confirmation date of adhesion to ECOTYRE's consortium), it will be debited an environmental tax of 1.22 euros with included iva, according to the ECOPNEUS consortium's table

For Quad tyres the cost starts from 1.22 euros to 3.36 euros with included iva

These amounts are added to the catalogue's net prices and they will be shown in detail in each single good of the invoice
To visualize the tables you have to see the informative document